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pall mall 272x300 Buy Cheap Cigarettes Pall Mall at a Low Price OnlinePall Mall is one of first and the most successful cigarette brands, which occurred in 1899, and until our days these cigarettes stay very popular and good ones. Discount cigarettes Pall Mall is not just a cigarette brand, but a unique creation. It has experienced so many changes that the other brands and tobacco manufacturers can only evaluate the success achieved by Pall Mall.

Pall Mall is one of the first premium-class cigarette brands. First, they were offered to people like this kind of cigarette class and were pretty expensive, but still good. But after, the production of this cigarette brand was transferred from Butler & Butler Company to American Tobacco Company, Pall Mall cigarettes non filter became not just cigarettes, but a tester-brand.

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One of the oldest cigarette brands, named Pall Mall is a model of qualitative and good cigarettes that bring a smoker many pleasant moments and fill him with really nice taste.

Pall Mall Blue 20s 300x294 Buy Pall Mall CigarettesBrand Pall Mall has appeared in 1899, first intended as an expensive brand of premium class. But Pall Mall cigarettes were of premium class not for a very long time, since later in 1907 the Pall Mall manufacturing Company was redeemed by the American Tobacco for experiments. Thus, from 1907 Pall Mall was considered as an experimental cigarette brand, which went through the re-branding and multiple changes in design of the package, cigarettes and tobacco products.

Multiple changes of Pall Mall cigarettes were not in vain. By 1960 Pall Mall cigarette brand became the most popular within the USA and the sales volume of Pall Mall cigarettes amounted to the thousands.

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